For long-term operational needs of the Telecom Service Providers, each BOO site is built for an anchor tenant and is subsequently offered for sharing to all Telecom Service Providers across India, to minimize overall operational cost of each individual Operator. We believe in facilitating the needs of the Operators which forge relationships that last forever. Hence, Tower Vision has developed long term business relationship with almost all Telecom Service Providers in India.

Strengths and expertise

  • A neutral host providing access to passive infrastructure to Telecom Service Providers on a non-discriminatory basis.
  • On-the-ground experience in building and managing passive infrastructure for various Operators across India.
  • Construction of green sites and ensuring efficient use of resources.
  • Driven by a systematic and sustainable approach.
  • Nationwide spread and capabilities
  • A comprehensive end-to-end solution for customers' needs.
  • Creating infrastructure in remote and inaccessible regions.
  • Bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas - helping expansion of telecom network at a rapid pace.
  • Technical and management expertise in managing multi-vendor network infrastructure.
  • Faster readiness of sites to be able to provide access to the Operators.

Tower Operating Center

Tower Vision boasts of a state-of-the-art Tower Operations Center (TOC) established at its head office located in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Our TOC is an advanced and centralized monitoring center specially designed to provide us a geographical dispersion of control over various aspects of network operation activities like Alarm Management, Incident Management, Trouble Ticket Management, Energy Efficiency Management, Fault Management, Report Generation, etc. The TOC is operational on 365*24*7 basis and helps us with the real-time surveillance of various tower related activities. Our TOC comprises of a call center, where in a dedicated team of our workers proactively interact with our customers and provide them necessary assistance.

The TOC not only collates and analyses information from sites but also collects data from various other sources, such as Weather Forecasts, Planned Major Grid Failures, Coordination with TAIPA, etc. The field team relies heavily on TOC for its technology-based support and analysis. The TOC is managed by a professional team of technology experts enabling us to maintain the best possible uptime for our customers - be it unique situations or business as usual.