Our Landowners are the building blocks of our business and therefore, our relationship with our Landowners is extremely valuable to us. It is due to our Landowners continued support that we are able to cater the needs of our customers and address any challenges along the way, swiftly and promptly.


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Institutional Acquisition

Tower Vision considers acquisition of sites from both government and private institutions, as an important aspect of the business. We consistently make efforts to acquire sites from Govt. and/or Private Institutions including large PSUs, Metro Rail Authorities, State Development Authorities, MCD's, Defence Establishments, State Universities, and Cantonment boards etc. to set up telecom towers in their vicinity, thereby assisting the said institutions as well as the Telecom Operators with expanding their network coverage.

The sites acquired under Institutional Acquisitional are potentially risk-free in their tenure and operations and provide our customers with access to superior commercial locations, resulting in higher returns.

Registration Form

We are always open to explore long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our Landowners. If you are interested in lending your property to Tower Vision for installation of rooftop/ground base towers, you may share the requisite details in the below-mentioned form.


*Disclaimer: Tower Vision never demands any kind of money from the Landowners for installation of tower on their land/property. The Company shall in no case be liable for any kind of fraud or cheating in case any third party, approaches the Landowners with any unreasonable or undue demands, misrepresenting as Tower Vision's representatives.