Tower Vision believes that an organization thrives from the resources the society has to offer, including people, environment etc. and considers the upliftment of the society as a collective responsibility of all those forming a part of it. With the said mindset, Tower Vision tries to do its bit in making the society a better, brighter, and sustainable place.

Tower Vision's constant endeavour is to focus on some of the below mentioned social aspects:

Women Empowerment

To indulge in activities which help women have a happy and healthy life, with ample livelihood opportunities, for ex providing shelter, free education, healthcare facilities, vocational training etc. so that they can live in the society with hope and dignity.

Women Empowerment

Rural upliftment

Health Care

To try to work towards the upliftment of the under-privileged section of the society by:

Helping the under-privileged section of the society with their medical expenses/healthcare needs;

Spreading hygiene related awareness;

Rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned citizens; and

Providing shelter to homeless and deserted citizens.


To work towards the betterment of environment in which we operate, by indulging in activities like:

Reduction of Diesel consumption;

Reduction of CFC emission in the environment by converting indoor sites to outdoor;

Usage of NCUs (Natural Cooling Unit), MCUs (Micro Cooling Unit) TCUs (Turbo Cooling Unit) and wind chimneys at its sites, thereby reducing the consumption of energy;

100% electrification of sites; and

Optimum utilisation of resources and being vigilant towards flora and fauna.


Contribution towards the Government Funds

Education and Skill

In FY 2020-21, Tower Vision has donated the entire sum of its CSR liabilities towards the below mentioned Government Funds:

Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF);

Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund); and

Swach Bharat Kosh set up by the Govt. for promotion of sanitation.