Product Offering
Avail Tower Vision's passive infrastructure services and expand your network coverage with easy and economical access to different locations

As on date Tower Vision owns:
~ 9,000 towers and 15,000 + multi tenancies sites across all telecom circles in India.
Broad portfolio of passive infrastructure including GBM, GBT, RTT, RTP and Cell on Wheels wherever applicable.

Tower Vision engages in the ownership, management, and operation of wireless communication towers of all types, at all locations. This enables Tower Vision to help the Operators expand their network coverage even in the remotest of terrains, as per their needs. Tower Vision's expertise helps Operators with solutions suiting their coverage needs (such as desired height, location etc). Tower Vision's cost-effective business model comprises of a well-defined infrastructure sharing strategy to support and enhance infrastructure sharing in India, which enable us to offer the right business solutions to our business partners.

Tower Vision's Core Services Comprise of:

Acquisition, deployment, maintenance, and asset management of telecommunication towers based on "BOO" model - Build, Own and Operate, based on long-term operational lease.

Offering ready-made passive infrastructures to Telecom Service Providers for their long-term operational needs - each BOO Site is built for an anchor tenant and is subsequently offered for sharing to all Telecom Service Providers in India.

Premium located and high-quality passive telecom infrastructures being shared among several Operators to minimize overall operational costs of each individual Operator.

We build new towers and allied technical infrastructure to suit and support
on going expansion of operators by providing multitude of products.

Ground Based Tower (GBT)

Ground Based Mast (GBM)

Roof Top Tower (RTT)

Roof Top Pole (RTP)

Outdoor Small Cell Sites (ODSC)

Cell on Wheels - (COW)

Passive Infrastructure for in building Solutions

Smart Poles and Fiber based solutions